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Passion & Experience

Passion & Experience

Passion = Ambition and drive that materialises into action and results
Experience  = A skill or knowledge acquired over years of application resulting in a superior understanding or outstanding ability

I’m not very familiar with projects in the Banking or IT industries, but in the world of the Oil & Gas industry a "Project" is often understood to consist of some, or all, the components of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of large physical items in order to extract, process and distribute hydrocarbons.

In the case of an FPSO, this can mean multiple contractors, in multiple locations designing, building and transporting facilities that will eventually be integrated to form the completed vessel to meet both the owners, and clients requirements.  The cost can be in the vicinity of US$1b and take around 2 years to complete depending on process requirements, size, materials, equipment and strategies implemented.

There is a lot at stake and sometimes the focus is on what has to be achieved, rather than the qualities required achieving those goals.

There are many tangible items that are needed to be in place for a successful project such as:

  • sound financing
  • competent engineering partner
  • reliable contractors and suppliers
  • capable fabricators and shipyard

Some of the intangible qualities that can make a big difference are the passion and experiences of the people concerned in all aspects of the project.
It’s passion that can motivate people to succeed in getting the job done on time and within budget, while experience can expedite decision making and promote innovation to improve the overall process from the early engineering phase through to operation, production and final decommissioning.

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